PVR Artist Statement

My art installations and photographic series are mainly based on three concepts: fractal repetitionvirtuality of the image and the human condition.


The most essential condition in the development of my aesthetic vision is the continuous cyclical repetition of the same image. The fractal way of constructing visual codes generates its own particular language. This obsession with revealing the image of the image, the hidden detail exposed in an insinuating way, transforms the object into the representation of the concept. In other words, the use of monochromatization (use of a single color) across several images, creates similarities between concepts that are usually opposites.


Image virtuality is another recurring idea in the development of this aesthetic proposal. The inferred iconography in each installation’s assembly is created by two juxtaposed images. Superimposing these two images on an object or body creates a third virtual image which serves to contrast the concepts in visual terms.

Human Condition

The human experience is, in terms of content, the third element at work in this visual approach. This aesthetic proposal tends to interpret, associate and allude to conditions, behaviors or rites of the human species. In some way, these human conditions or situations define or relate a particular way of conceiving and establishing the ambivalence of choice.