Fine Art Photography by PVR (Pamela Vasquez Rodriguez). A black woman back with her arms open up, a map of the world projected over her in red background.

“Atardecer Lindsay” is Fine Art Photography with a Social Theme

Atardecer Lindsay” is a fine art photography piece from the “The Invisible Borders-Lines” collection. The collection is an artwork-in-progress based on the “Out of Africa” theory, in which all human beings share a common DNA and that the phenomenon of contemporary migratory patterns has defined diversity, as the acceptance / non-acceptance of our perceived differences.

This photograph was made by projecting a map showing real time flight patterns forming an image that symbolically maps the world’s immigration flows.

“The Invisible Borders-Lines” began with a playful and intuitive search for imagery without a storyboard. 

The pose of the model in this picture could be seen in two different ways. The female model in the piece is holding her hands up over her head. Looking at her back with open arms stretched toward the sky can show an expression of freedom and liberation, a person opening her mind, heart and body, engaged in life. Perhaps she is beginning a sun salutation. 

On the other hand, the pose can evoke many painful memories of women and men of color surrendering to authorities. It is a commentary on our society and the assumptions it creates in our mind.

All my previous artwork collections consist of photographic images created by extended exposures (1 to 3.5 minutes with the shutter open) in a completely or partially dark environment, following the technique of prolonged exposure and the use of color flashes. In this picture, the projection of the map was in the back of the model and the red color flashes were done behind the background. The creative process sometimes starts by looking for a conceptual image through free form choreography during the photoshoot. The pose of the model was done in this search for a better angle to project the map without her arms getting in the way of the map. After we were done and reviewed the whole series of shoots, I noticed that her “hands up” position could be perceived in a particular way.  The pose was reminiscent of many immigrants who are suspected of crimes for which there is often no reasonable evidence.  More often than as a society we want to admit, these arrests are based on racial profiling and the unfair assumption that certain patterns of behavior are ingrained in people of a certain race or immigrant group simply by default.  

This image is perfect for anyone who appreciates its symbolism and color saturation appeal to those who may be looking for bold imagery in a fine art display. The images that accompany us in our closest places have a latent influence on our mood and on the harmony that they achieve in the space we inhabit. 

PVR sells artwork prints of this image on 8×10, 10.5×13.5 and 11×14 size photo paper. If you are looking for an image that symbolizes concepts related to humanity and justice, or a meaningful gift for someone who appreciates art with a social theme, then this photograph may be an excellent choice.

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