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Scientific artwork: How the “Blue DNA” photograph from the “The Invisible Borders-Lines” collection was created.

Scientific Art – “Blue DNA” is a piece from the “The Invisible Borders-Lines” collection. The collection is an artwork-in-progress based on the “Out of Africa” theory, in which all human beings share a common DNA and that the phenomenon of contemporary migratory patterns has defined diversity, as the acceptance / non-acceptance of our perceived differences.

One of the unexpected images during the preparation of the first photoshoot of “The Invisible Borders-Lines” was this symbolic recreation of a DNA molecule. It began with the intuitive search for attractive visuals to photograph and create a slide material that found the common thread of projections on the models.

DNA is the umbilical cord that connects us to our most primitive essence going back to prehistoric times. The “DNA” in this scientific art piece was created with crystal beads. The repetition of one link after another is the most common idea that we all recall from DNA. For this reason, I began to manually weave the symbolic image that we all recognize when thinking about the concept. The infinite spiral shape made up of small fractally repeating segments was designed on a necklace scale with a very tight fishing line. The knots made by joining the beads direct the direction of the spiral. The beads are a translucent turquoise-blue color, a nod to the water that makes up 70 percent of the human body.

“The bluish DNA evokes our body and its fundamental fluid constitution, just as rivers come from a mainspring, we were all connected as part of a single race, the human race…”


All my previous artwork collections consist of photographic images created by extended exposures (1 minute to 3.5 with the shutter open) in a completely or partially dark environment. Following this technique of prolonged exposure and the use of color flashes, the creation of my fantasy DNA had to have the quality of transparency to interact well with the light reflections of the colored flash. Several of the DNA images were intended to be used projected on human models. For this reason, it was also important to have a transparent and clear material that could reflect the flash of color on different skin tones. One of these original fragments on 35mm slides became this image symbolic of DNA.

My creation process sometimes starts looking for a concept image and also a logistical solution for the photoshoot simultaneously. After developing a series of photos of my bead-DNA, several of them were intriguing images on their own. Discovering that they had their own individual identity led me to create a multiple negative mock-up of this DNA image and other portrait photos of two of the models.

While I was working on the design of these collages, this image and its red version, which suggests blood, was born.

The bluish DNA evokes our body and its fundamental fluid constitution, just as rivers come from a mainspring, we were all connected as part of a single race, the human race, where each adaptation to different climates and geo-concentration generated all the nuances of different ethnic groups.

This image is perfect for anyone who appreciates science and scientific theories. Its symbolism and color saturation appeal to those who may be looking for bold imagery for decoration or fine art display. The images that we see and accompany us in our closest places have a latent influence on our mood and on the harmony that they achieve in the space we inhabit. A similar DNA image is also available in red tones.

PVR sells artwork prints of this image on 8×10, 10.5×13.5 and 11×14 size photo paper. If you are looking for an image that symbolizes a universal concept, human DNA, or a meaningful gift for someone who appreciates art, universal symbols, or ideas associated with humanity, then this photograph may be an excellent choice.

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