a picture of Samy Hawk, the latin singer with a projection of a life time of airplane frequency over his torso. The lights of the map is light yellow/white over a purple/blue background

Samy Hawk, Immigrant Stories

@SamyHawk is the winner of MTV POPSTAR 2022 in its first edition of @mtvbecomingapopstar 👏🏻! and will star in the new @pepsi video.

The April 21st,( #A21) 2022, Samy went to the finals of the contest along with two other outstanding finalists in this show of entertainment and international recognition. The incredible award provides promotion to this great rap artist, composer, musician, actor and member of @loswizzards who has a promising professional career.

In recent years, we can see an unfortunate global trend toward rejection of ethnic minorities and in particular towards immigrants from developing countries. Alas, this is also happening in the United States. For this reason, I consider Samy Hawk’s artistic journey to be remarkably valuable. He is building a personal dream in a foreign land at a time when the immigration situation is not the best.

Samy began his artistic development as a child, singing, dancing and making urban poetry. While this is a common natural ability but only a few people develop the display and confidence on stage. A great achievement that can only be obtained with the discipline of continuing to sing, dance and rap even when there are no guarantees of audience, work or future success. He’s soaring now, but to get there he had to jump into a void weaving his wings while falling through the air.

The first time I saw @loswizzards they exuded an unpredictability and passion as they played their unique songs and their remixes of other pop classics. In that moment, I was briefly transported back to my cherished memories of watching Latin artists perform back home. They were all real musicians!…my ears and the emotion that is felt in the center of the chest when there is something more than harmony and acoustics, is immediately seen in a couple of songs that these artists not only know how to improvise…they have dedicated their lives to studying and feeling the music.

In 2017, Samy was their only vocalist and despite being in the beginning of cohesion as a band, the chemistry and musical synchronicity on stage could resurrect the nostalgia of Latin music in a unique version, Spanglish, “urban poetry”.

Aside from the incredible music they generate as a band, Samy has the ability to improvise choreography as an agile dancer. This skill can generate from a playful connection with sarcasm or cause the awakening of consciousness when life is more complicated than expected.

Fine Art Photography by PVR (Pamela Vasquez Rodriguez). “Medianoche Samy” is a piece from The Invisible Borders-Lines collection. A latino man with his arms open horizontally, a map of the world.
“Medianoche Samy” is a piece from “The Invisible Borders-Lines collection.  The collection is a work-in-progress based on the “Out of Africa” theory.
Fine Art Photography by PVR (Pamela Vasquez Rodriguez). “Double Poetry” Collage is a piece from the Invisible Borders-Lines collection. A Latino man with a song’s lyrics projected over him on a purple and blue background.
“Double Poetry” Collage is a piece from the Invisible Borders-Lines collection.  The collection is a work-in-progress based on the “Out of Africa” theory, in which all human beings share a common DNA and that the phenomenon of contemporary migration patterns has defined diversity based on acceptance/non-acceptance of perceived differences.

One of my favorite songs is “Jodidos, pero en Miami”, it’s one of the most brilliant examinations of reality that I’ve heard in over 20 years living in this country. This song is a collaboration of @carlosneda @wizzmer @samyhawk and @loswizzards. Learning to laugh at life’s adversities is perhaps one of the ways most Latinos cope with change. The precarious balance between stability, dreams, appearance and reality forces us to adapt to underemployment.  It is part of an immigrant’s deepest experience as we chase our dreams.

At a time when many stars are but a flash in the pan, the abuse of special effects abound and lyrics are limited to a couple of phrases or words that rhyme without deep meaning, how wonderful it is to discover a Latin artist with lyrical profundity. The raw rhymes, the truths without anesthesia and the humor that allows one to cope even with the pain of loss, all that mixture of resources, makes his music a contemporary version of a provincial village. In his own words, he encapsulates the difficult experiences of an immigrant who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but who has all of Miami singing his f—– chorus*.

* Aunque no nací en cunita de oro, tengo a medio mundo cantándome el fucking coro. Samy Hawk – La Casa song (feat. Los Wizzards) 

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