Fine Art Photography by PVR (Pamela Vasquez Rodriguez). A black woman with her arms open horizontally, a map of the world projected over her in purple and yellow background.

Sunset Adoch: Fine Art Photography Celebrating Our Common Humanity

Sunset Adoch is a fine art photography piece showing a real-time map of international migration patterns with a background accented with the colors of the sunset. Superimposed on the map is the figure of a female model, representing a large portion of the migrants as well as many of those who encounter fear and conflict as they travel the world towards their destination. This piece is considered social art because it offers a critique of the policies which make migration difficult for those who most need it – those with a real fear to returning to their countries of origin.

Sunset Adoch was first created in 2017 as part of The Invisible Borders-Lines collection, an artistic look at our common humanity and global immigration patterns.

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